UIG Inc. is proud to be known as an industry leader in skip-tracing and collateral recovery management. Founded in 2008, we are a team of seasoned and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds that came together with a common interest of "doing it better." Lenders have many choices when it comes to service providers, and we want to be the preferred choice when it comes to skip tracing and collateral recovery management. Our team is committed to working collaboratively with lender partners to deliver high value results. From skip tracing to remarketing, UIG Inc. will effectively manage the entire process while delivering optimal solutions.

Why Choose Us

Our team is here to assist you with the successful location, recovery, transport and remarketing of your collateral. We specialize in managing difficult assignments that require specialized investigative skills and significant work-flow collaboration. Our team is results-driven with a commitment to client relationships and memorable customer service. We are able to manage cases across the US and also provide a personalized customer experience. Our commitment to producing valuable results on your behalf is exactly the reason why UIG Inc. is a preferred skip tracing and collateral recovery partner!